Music in the Schools

Music is a wonderfully effective way to engage, inspire and educate students.  Through the Music in the Schools program, Fenton Community Orchestra brings 25 members of the orchestra off stage and into our area schools for a unique interactive educational experience.

We visit 3 local elementary schools annually and perform for approximately 1,400 students.  While area schools have music in the elementary schools and a band program starting in middle school, there are not any programs that teach string instruments (violin, viola, cello and bass).  This experience will include performance of orchestral pieces, demonstration of various instruments, and musicians discussing their experience in selecting, learning and playing their instrument.

Benefits to the students and our community include:
-Enriching the educational experience for all local elementary students;
-Connecting young people to great master works and composers of orchestral music;
-Helping students develop a personal interest in musical performance that will motivate pursuit of lifelong musical learning and performing as well as incorporate mathematical and language skills along the way;
-Enriching community life by expanding citizen-led projects that impact and improve local institutions.

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